Welcome to AIRFA - Association of Independent Risk & Fraud Advisors

AIRFA is a membership organisation, whose members have come together to give you better access to independent specialists whether you are in financial services, retail, payment systems, government, a regulatory body or another organisation seeking expertise. It is important to find help from the right professional to understand and identify your business risks, develop corrective strategies, or to plan, implement and remove risks from your organisation.

AIRFA Members

AIRFA members are independent - and work with your commercial interests in mind - i.e. none of our members are employed by businesses which compete with yours. Our members are senior level consultants and practitioners who work almost entirely within risk and fraud management, compliance or similar disciplines to provide businesses with high-end strategic guidance, but also detailed operational level direction. Mitigating or removing problems and implementing 'final' solutions are key parts of any project.

AIRFA members also provide independent expert opinions to the media in a clear and concise way based upon experience of risk-related matters, fraud, losses, new and emerging technology-based risks (e.g. M-commerce, wallets, payments, data, authentication, policy, cyber-crime etc). This ensures that the public, commerce and government understand what they can do to avoid attacks financially, commercially or reputationally, and to stop them being bombarded with wrong or impartial advice.

This site is also a resource site for AIRFA members to share information, challenges and discussion, of course, always subject to client confidentiality.

What Can our members do for you

If you have a risk-based challenge, AIRFA finds the best specialist to help you to:
  • Put the problems that you have into perspective and work out what needs to be done and by when.

  • Set your direction and your strategy to address the problems but also to prevent them coming back.

  • Reduce losses, publicity or reputation damage and to contain immediate problems.

  • Set-up and implement processes and procedures that you need to protect your business and comply with regulatory requirements.

  • Develop and 'live' best practices to avoid problems.

  • Coach and inform teams, management and the board on aspects of risk management and dealing with the issues.

  • Undertake due diligence for businesses that you own or ones that you would like to acquire; on suppliers, vendors or others.
Our members work with the biggest global organisations, but also with smaller businesses, and within many different sectors including banking, insurance, retail, telecoms, regulators, card issuers and acquirers, payment systems, government or non-governmental.

Whatever your challenge is, we will help you find the right AIRFA member advisor for you. If you need to employ specialists directly in this area, please also contact us for help and advice on finding the right people. These people might be in areas such as payments in general, but also in Risk management, Fraud management, or Compliance, Fraud Prevention Advisors, Risk, Fraud and Compliance Solutions or products etc.

AIRFA Representation

AIRFA, through its members and officers are proud to be represented on working parties / sub-groups. This includes engagement with Pay.UK and previously the Payment Strategy Forum of the Payment Services Regulator (PSR).

Details can be seen here: PSR Payments Strategy Forum where current papers, minutes and memberships can be viewed.

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